3 Tips to Help Keep That New Years Resolution

3 Tips to Help Keep That New Years Resolution

3 Tips to Help Keep That New Years Resolution

Keep The New Years Resolution

Set minigoals along the way

We all want the results now, and some even want it yesterday. Unfortunately, most quality goals take time and careful planning. When we set a goal, we want to think about the end goal, but also the steps in between, the little goals. While the end game might be to lose 50 pounds, we need to understand that there is a process and it just doesn’t happen instantaneously. So we set a mini or little goal. We start at 10 lbs, and set a target date, lets say approximately 2 months. That breaks it up to just 5 lbs a month! When we see the mini goal, it makes committing easier because our achievement date is closer if we stay on it! The end game is still in mind, but the plan is shorter, and makes gauging your progress easier as well. There is also less stress of only seeking a large result, and seeing slow progress.


Do it for you and only for you

Remember and carefully think about why we want to achieve the goal we’re setting out for. Are we losing 50 pounds for our own health and fitness? For a career we want? For an event we want to do? Whatever the case is, ensure that the main reason you are doing this is for you! It’s ok to be selfish in this way. Wanting to better yourself and your health is a fantastic and fulfilling journey, but don’t do it because of what someone else thinks, or to please anybody else. Bettering yourself will unleash possibilities that you never dreamed possible, and will make you stronger not only physically, but mentally as well. Use your goal to inspire others, not to conform to their expectations of you. Be independent, and remember that your happiness is always most important goal.

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Don't let setbacks stop you!

We are not super beings, and we are not immune to personal and physical challenges. There might be times where you’re tired, sick, didn’t hit your monthly goal, or where you’ve missed training for a week or two. Setbacks will happen, and you must try and see them as challenges to make you stronger. Even the Instagram socialites who seem to have it all together, trust me, they do not. Stick to your plan and don’t get worked up on how others are doing. The struggle is part of the journey, and just like a tough set on the bar, we must dig deep and give what we have! Of course, some days we didn’t lift quite how we want, or didn’t get to the gym on time, but never let a setback make you quit. Move on to the next workout and forget about the past. If injured, do seek professional guidance on how to train around an injury, as there a countless ways to keep on your fitness goal. Talk to your doctor, or physiotherapist on options in the event of injury. Mostly, be proud of working out on those days when it sucks, because those are the days that count. Each time you get up for that session, or push that extra rep is a little victory on the road to your ultimate goal. Be happy, be healthy, and stay the course!

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