Hydration And You

Stay Hydrated Drinking Water

Stay Hydrated Drinking Water

Why is it so important to stay hydrated?

Water is the key to survival. It's as simple as that. For organs, tissues and cells, water is needed to metabolize every function in your body. From regulating our body temperature to performing efficient circulation, water is the main line of support for how our system can handle all reactions on a daily basis. From when we eat or drink, run or sweat, the ongoing need for H2O is always present and for the best performance. The heart, being the primary pump of every living being, can operate less strenuously from adequate hydration. This is why the feeling of ''stress'' can be more avoided at the workplace. Drinking more cups from the water fountain on your office floor is never a bad idea.

Over 96% of our body is made of four chemical compounds:

  • Oxygen

  • Carbon

  • Hydrogen

  • Nitrogen

Oxygen and Hydrogen in the form of water make up 75% of your body.
 H2O also acts as a vehicle for transporting all nutrients to the cells of our body. It's no wonder we feel more alive when hydrated.



The best indicator of dehydration comes from your own natural senses. The eight cup rule is a myth when knowing how much to drink. Everybody's size and body mass are different in proportion.  Best way to meet the right hydration levels is to sip water constantly throughout the day. This is especially important from the moment you wake up. There's nothing worse than missing breakfast and drinking no water, with the ambitious pursuit of starting your working day a bit earlier. My subway ride from High Park to Downtown never feels longer and heavier in this scenario. I learned this the hard way a few times. You work far more efficiently when hydrated.

As hydration improves circulation, dehydration counteracts the process. The heart works excessively hard to pump blood throughout the body, meaning nutrients inefficiently meet their destination on time, and more importantly, sufficient oxygen levels are not supplied to the brain. This can result in irritation, stress and irregular blood pressure, but from a medical standpoint, a cardiovascular episode such as a heart attack or stroke can happen, if hydration levels are are met more infrequently.

Consuming different fluids and even foods during the day is essential for hydration levels. See Below


2 Most Common Causes Of Dehydration

Exercise & Body Heat

We lose water naturally on a daily basis from many situations, especially in the summertime in Toronto. We must replenish water levels when we exercise, whether we go running, cycling or do weight training. Sweating after a long jog isn't the only physical form of losing water, muscle contraction and recovery exhausts a lot of our H2O levels during and after muscular activity. Even moving from A - B in extreme temperatures will cause your hydration levels to go down, or as far as being static on the TTC, trapped like a sardine. Remember to carry a bottle in your bag at all times if you can. 

Tips To Stay Hydrated

  • Bring a bottle of water with you on public transport

  • Sip water between sets on repetitions of weight training

  • Sip minimal amounts of water during cardiovascular activity and more post workout

Sugar, Salt & Caffeine

Although Tea and Coffee may contain water, they will dehydrate you if drank excessively. Caffeine is a diuretic and if drank constantly will cause a higher rate of incontinence. In other words, your body will lose more water through urination than needed.

Salt also dehydrates the body. Proper sodium levels are needed for the nervous system to function properly, but too much in the bloodstream will cause water to leave your cells in the attempt to dissolve the excess salt. Therefore your body's metabolism can go into a state of chaos.

Excess blood sugar will also dehydrate you. Again the kidneys can be signaled to produce for urine to eliminate levels from the body. This is more problematic with people who have diabetes.



  • Don't drink more than 2 cups of coffee per day

  • Drink water with your coffee

  • Don't make it a habit of using the saltshaker

  • Don't eat too many canned or boxed food



 Food That Contains Water

Although its key to stay hydrate with water, make it a habit to consume healthy foods such as vegetables to stay hydrated. This way you can absorb needed nutrients while sustaining healthy water levels at the same time.

Percentages in Water

Cucumber 96.7%

Cucumber 96.7%

Lettuce 96%

Lettuce 96%

Celery 95.2%

Celery 95.2%

Tomato 95%

Tomato 95%

Milk 90%

Milk 90%

Broccoli 89%

Broccoli 89%


  • Make healthy salads with the vegetables mentioned above

  • Drink plenty of milk for calcium

  • Add ingredients to soup or dish

  • Make Oatmeal with water and milk for breakfast. Long lasting energy.



6 Main Reasons For Filtering Your Water


  • Eliminates all contaminants and bacteria that may be surrounding your kitchen

  • Filtering water reduces the risk of cancer, due to chlorine being present in tap water

  • Lead and Mercury is present in water that isn't filtered. These are harmful

  • A better balance of PH level. Better for your system controlling metabolic reactions.

  • Helps your digestive system break down food easier, reducing risk of disease

  • Detox And Replenish Better


Remember To Stay Hydrated

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