The Importance Of Kettlebell In A Workout Session

Kettlebell In A Workout Session

Kettlebell Training

Kettlebells have grown in popularity over the last few years. Initially believed to have originated from Russia, or back to the Spartan times when they tied blocks with handles for smooth movement. The equipment has now proven to be a tool which can be used for an all-in-one fitness session that helps in developing our strength, condition our cardiorespiratory system, build our vigour and stabilization.

Since kettlebell became popular in the world of fitness, they have been the ideal equipment for use because their weight is not on the handle. By this fact, they become suitable for use on vigorous swinging exercises. This ability leads the way for many more multi-joint exercises to be done. People find it hard to believe the advantages of this equipment, but after giving it a trial, you will become aware of its benefits. For those who want to say fit and healthy, this is an all-in-one solution.

This training is performed by both men and women and for any level of fitness. Before we talk about its importance to a workout session, let’s briefly discuss what we know about a kettlebell.

What is a kettlebell

The kettlebell is a ball like shaped exercising tool with a handle. They are produced in different weight sizes, and these days they are made with an adjustable hand which lets one use a pin to change the variations of weight. 

Because of its design where the hand is shifted away from the weight, when performing swings, catch, or clean we must apply a large amount of force with our hips. This method of exercise is known as “throwing the bell” although there’s never a throw as the bell does not leave the hand.

8 Important reasons why kettlebell training should be Included in YOur Workout Routine

A kettlebell is a vital tool for our workout session because of all the benefits it has on our body. Here are a few reasons why you need the kettlebell in that workout session;

  1. The most important of them all is its practicality, its ability to be used for both muscle toning and cardiorespiratory exercises. This leads to developing muscle endurance while you build your power, flexibility, and confidence. This is one quick way to fat loss, creating muscle mass, and reducing stress. There has been no other tool found to carry out all these functions together.

  2. This tool is better used than running or lifting bars. It is versatile because when you swing it between your legs, there is an unconventional loading that occurs that leads to the development of a hips extension. This hips extension is essential when it comes to exercises such as jumping, lunging, running, etc. so this serves as a better means of achieving that feat. The kettlebells ability to cancel out the centre of gravity serves as a source of strength to the shoulder and aids its flexibility. The powerful movement of the kettlebell and its round handle helps develop the strength to the arms and the hand.

  3. Its design affords us the unique quality different from dumbbells and barbells. We can carry out both traditional workout exercise such as squat, jerk, clean, snatch, and press and also radical activities such as juggling. The design of the kettlebell makes one put in more effort than when using barbells which increases the flexibility of one’s body muscles. It does not give off joint pain or bruises and its killer aerobic workout.

  4. This workout device is an efficient weight killer because its movement requires the movement of many body muscles at the same time. This kills calories faster. This exercise is good for strengthening the main body muscles such as the abs, lower back, tilting muscles, and those of the spine. It can also help flatten the stomach and improve body balance. 

  5. There are a variety of kettlebells that are not expensive (price may vary depending on the brand and on the LBS or KG of the kettlebell). With this price in mind, one can fill up their gym with enough kettlebells to keep the fitness process going. The kettlebells are produced from cast iron, which won’t make them rust or get replaced soon. Their portability also makes it possible for the exercise to be carried out indoors or outdoors or anywhere we deem fit.

  6. The kettlebell is fun to use because it delivers result quickly and its training method is different from other processes. This exercise demands full concentration and full body and mind engagement. The kettlebell is efficient in that it combines all training method and reduces time spent from shuffling between different training methods.

  7. The kettlebell is good for our exercise session because it keeps the body athletic and agile. It also helps build our training methods and skill; our athletic attributes would be developed from constant practice and trials.

  8. The kettlebell brings out the youthfulness and strength in our body. Whether we have aged or we are still in our youthful state, we can do the kettlebell and achieve tremendous results. As a starter, understanding the nature of the movements in a kettlebell is quite hard because it’s not about getting up while holding the bell but instead we are leaving our comfortable position and pushing the body to get to a fit position. We can’t move with this agility in matters of our everyday lives. We can only feel our youthfulness with a steady practice of this exercise, and the speed at which we move would increase.

Factors involved when engaging in the kettlebell exercise

One of the crucial elements when carrying out the kettle exercise is the position of your body when swinging the bell. It is imperative to note the position of your body when lifting these weights and swinging. You have to make sure you’re able to keep your back straight as you pick up and put down the weight or even when you swing the kettlebell because this helps with giving the posterior chain the developing strength as long as it’s carried out accurately. This factor is very crucial to the expected result. 

Another factor involved in performing the kettlebell is choosing the right weight. Selecting the right weight would bring out the desired result in our body frame and meet out training targets. You don’t need to carry heavy loads to get the desired result; rather you carry weights that would spur you on to higher pressures and allow for proper mastering of each training without a drop in form.

If you are not aware of the weight, you can start with, hold on to the handle of one kettlebell and hold it out straight in front of you, make sure both hands are parallel to the floor while holding on to the handle. If you can hold onto the handle easily with both hands laid straight in your front, the weight is probably light for you. To confirm your preferred weight, the weight of the kettle should be too heavy to hold out in front of you. 

How fit are you as an individual? Your fitness level is another factor that affects our kettlebell exercise. You already know how to fit you are from how you feel inside, but being sure about the level you’re on would help plan and set achievable goals, monitor your progression and keep up with your source of motivation.  Once you’re aware of where to begin, you can plan your fitness journey up until your destination.  You can assess your fitness level in the area of muscular fitness, endurance, aerobic fitness, and body structure.

The state of your psychological health is another factor to consider when going through the kettlebell training. Undergoing any form of exercise promotes and enhances our mental and physical health. We become mentally tough and can endure the pains enacted on the body to achieve the result we desire.

The kind of clothing to wear when undergoing this training is essential and should be considered with the aim of achieving a desirable result. Choosing the right type of clothing is as important as choosing the right kind of weight. It can be tedious, but it won’t be stressed if it was not significant. You’re advised to put on fitted but not repressing clothes so there would be a free flowing motion without any interference from clothing. You are also encouraged to go with the right pairs of shoes and not with an old pair of sneakers, the right pairs for this training are flat shoes. If you can train barefooted, that would be okay but not necessary.

Our lifestyle should also be considered when engaging in such a workout session. From the time we have to exercise to money being spent on one or two other listed factors should all be considered if they all fall in place with our session. Other lifestyle factors to consider include workout pattern, family and kids, and dependants.

Example of Kettlebell exercises

Having created awareness for the kettlebell exercise and also talking the factors to consider when engaging in such activity. Let us take a look at different methods of using the kettlebell to bring about our desired result. Remember the kettlebell brings twice as much effect as the traditional weightlifting program in an even lesser time than the conventional weights.

The kettlebell swing

Kettlebell Swing

Sometimes mistaken for performing squats because of the position one takes and the movement involved. The kettlebell swing is described as an up-down, then forward and backward movement all done together.

  • It is done by placing a slightly turned feet a distance apart while holding a kettlebell with both hands in front of you.

  • With your hands relaxed and to gather momentum, do a partial squat while pushing your hips backwards

  • Allow the kettlebell to swing between your legs and with power from your heels, buttocks, and lower back region, you stand straight up again.

There are other methods of performing this swing; they are the double arm where you have in each hand a small kettlebell or a single swing where the kettlebell is switched between arms after doing the exercise.

Kettlebell squat

This exercise performs wonders to the thighs, buttocks, calves, and core of the back. You can do this by;

  • Get hold of the kettlebell near the edge where the handle joins the weight

  • With your feet 30 degrees turned out and your feet more than a hip distance apart, assume a bending position and squat with your heels on the floor and your chest vertical. Keep your elbows inside your knee

  • Let out the rush of air as you assume a standing position

Kettlebell Push Press

Kettlebell Push Press

For your shoulder and back core improvement or to increase the rate of your heartbeat, this exercise is for you.

  • Hold the handle of the kettle in one hand with your palm in a reverse direction and the bell on your forearm

  • Place your elbow near your stomach and with braced abdominal, bend your knees till there’s enough space for you to push up the bell as you stand up stretching your hand into an elevated press.

  • Bring your arms down till they get to the level of your shoulder then repeat the process all over.

Squat thruster

this can also be called the squat press. The effect of this workout is in the toning of the upper back region and the legs and also making the hip area mobile.

Kettlebell Single leg deadlift

This exercise targets the hamstrings, glutes, hips, and core of the back.

Kettlebells vs Dumbbells

A kettlebell is a type of free weight, there is a handle on top and the load is on the bottom. In contrast, the dumbbell is a type of free weight, the handle is in between the load.

The difference between the both is that a kettlebell requires more coordination and technique, reason being the load will flip move back and forth due to the way the handle is attached at the top of the load.

Example: When performing a dumbbell clean and jerk there is no need to worry about the weight hitting your forearm. When pulling and flipping the kettlebell in the clean and jerk the weight will hit your forearm if you do not perform the proper “twisting” motion when flipping the weight in conjunction with punching your arm up, the weight will smack your forearm.


Partaking in a kettlebell training session accrues a lot of benefit of weight loss and developing strength. If you are tired of your routine of exercising, then it’s time to give kettlebell a trial and get in shape faster than you think.

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