Interval Training

Stay Lean with High Intensity Interval Training

Interval Training

Interval Training

While many spend hours in the gym or performing long duration aerobic exercise, not many of us have the luxury of spending hours every day working out and exercising.  With many individuals now leading very busy schedules that range from mornings, evening, weekends, traveling, and other unorthodox occupations, HIIT is becoming hugely popular and has many health benefits.

While working at such an intense pace can feel very taxing, the benefit post-workout is what the hard work is all about.  Studies show that working at over 80% of our max for short duration bouts can help to train the body to store carbohydrate energy and use stored fat for energy.  The more we perform HIIT style exercise, the more efficient our bodies can become at using fat for fuel for the rest of the day, allowing the body to use its glycogen stores to push through the hard interval bouts.

Also, working in a fasted state can also elicit other metabolic benefits.  Studies have shown greater increases in endurance capacity and less decreases in blood sugar during exercise with prolonged experience using fasted training. Combine some quick endurance training in the morning before breakfast, and then proceed to eat after your training.  Using the HIIT advantage in conjunction with some fasted training allows me to stay lean and provides me the recovery capability to do other types of vigorous exercise.

Here is my favourite GO-TO morning interval workout!


15 Minute Full Body HIIT Exercise

Burpees + Push Up (with optional jump) - 55 seconds, 5 second transition to next exercise

Personal Trainer Eric Push Up

Pullups/modified if needed/Rows – 55 seconds, 5-second transition

Personal Trainer Brian Chin Up

Jump Squat/ Body Weight Squat – 55 seconds, 5-second transition

Personal Trainer Brian Squat

Alternating Lunges – 55 seconds, 5-second transition

Personal Trainer Provvi Plank

Planks (add rotation optional) -  1 minute

Personal Trainer Katherine Plank




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