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Give yourself, or someone you love, the gift of getting fit. It's never too late to start that New Year's resolution.

At Your House Fitness, our certified personal trainers come directly to you. Whether it's at your home, condominium, outdoor or at our private studio in Toronto, we get the right trainer for you.

Whenever. Wherever.

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What our clients say about us

  • I am so happy to have found Your House Fitness. They are efficient, well educated and experienced. After suffering through a traumatic accident and undergoing extensive surgery, Your House Fitness has been such an amazing and positive influence for me and an incredible coach. I am stronger everyday, mentally and physically. I can't believe how far I have come and I feel as though it's just the begining. The only limits in life are the one's we set for ourselves. I highly recommend Your House Fitness, and cannot wait to reach my goal!
  • Your House Fitness is absolutely amazing. Sergio and Ben have selected only the most dedicated personal trainers to add to an already phenomenal duo. I highly recommend Your House Fitness if you need help staying on track with your health and fitness goals and want someone to motivate you through kick-ass, sweat-inducing workouts.
  • A great alternative to going to the gym. - Great trainers - Good value for money - Convenient I'd highly recommend to anyone looking to get fit!
  • My wife and I have been using Your House Fitness for last 3 months and I have been really impressed with them. Sergio initiated the process and gave us a complimentary session followed by a workout specifically designed for my wife and I. Have been super impressed with them. Highly recommend them!

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