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Boris has always had a very strong passion for staying active and learning about the human body. While playing competitive sports and working out throughout high school, exercise science courses instilled in him a thirst for knowledge that led him towards the Kinesiology and Health Science program at York University. Always being a skinny kid, he put on 30 pounds of lean muscle mass throughout high school and university by applying his knowledge in fitness/nutrition and being relentless in achieving his goals.

Boris is very friendly and has excellent communication skills, he loves meeting new people and getting to know them. He specializes in functional movement patterns and compound lifts, stretching/mobility, behaviour modification and relaxation techniques.

While in University, he also developed an interest in older adult fitness training after taking courses that explored new research on how physical activity helps lower the risk of developing chronic diseases. His motivation comes from serving others and striving to make a positive impact in people’s lives.

Boris enjoys playing intense sports himself such as squash and basketball, and experimenting with many different workouts, stretches, diets, routines etc. He says challenging your body and exceeding your expectations is one of the most satisfying feelings.



  • Specialized Honors B.A. Kinesiology and Health Science from York University

  • Registered Kinesiologist

  • Personal Training Specialist (PTS) from CanFitPro

  • Older Adult Fitness Specialist (OAS) from CanFitPro