Carleen Lawther




Carleen Lawther specializes in functional fitness with an aesthetic edge to keep your body working properly while looking the best you ever have. Her course work includes Fascial Stretch Therapy - Level 1, Darby Training Systems Level 1 and Energy System Training. She has also spent numerous hours in class for biomechanics and biochemistry.

After doing her degree in Psychology at Saint Mary's university in Halifax, Carleen found her niche in Personal training and helping her clients live stronger, healthier, more functional, fit and pain free lives. Over 5 years later, this passion led her to go back to school to become a Chiropractor at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in North York where she will graduate in May of 2019.

Carleen’s personalized style has grown over time to give an incredible personal training experience. Her ambition is to create confidence in individulas, by educating them further and making them feel more self capable and dependent.



  • Bsc Hons Psychology, St Mary's University
  • Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (In Progress)
  • Personal Training Specialist (PTS)
  • Darby Training Systems, Level 1
  • Fascial Stretch Therapist, Level 1
  • F.I.T Institute, Fascial Abrasion Technique
  • Paul Chek, Scientific Core Conditioning Certification
  • Dr Astrid Trim, Postural Assessment Certification


Carleen grew up as a competitive dancer in Ballet, Jazz and contemporary from the ages of 7 to 19 years old while also being passionate about slalom waterskiing in the summers off from dance. In University she found a love for weight training and long distance road biking where she began to train with the Halifax Triathlon team which also led to becoming a Personal Trainer. 

Carleen has competed with the WBFF where she has achieved her Pro Card in the Bikini division an has since been featured in STRONG Magazine, CTV news, Dragon’s Den and supplement company advertising. Using her experience in the detail needed to get camera ready, Carleen specializes in getting those last 10 -15 stubborn pounds off. She focuses on body aesthetics while keeping muscles and joints mobile and healthy and making sure you are always enjoying each session to the max. Its your hour, your workout, and she is going to make it one of the best and most fun and rewarding hours of your day!