Claire Curtis




Claire Curtis graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University in the UK, in 1996, achieving a BA (Hons) in Human Movement Studies and a Post Graduate Certificate of Education (Physical Education). In addition to her formal educational training in England, she acquired several vocational qualifications, including medical exercise specialist and postural stability instructor. Claire utilized these qualifications within her professional career as a self-employed Health & Fitness Trainer and Educator working in private health clubs, residential care homes, hospitals, and local community centers in London, England.

Claire moved to Toronto in 2003 and continued her educational path, acquiring a MA in Kinesiology & Health Science from York University. During this time she became interested in disordered eating and focused her thesis on cognitive factors implicated in the risk for overeating. Claire continued onto a Doctoral degree in Kinesiology and Health Science, specializing is compulsive overeating and addictive behaviors. Her research involved work with patients undergoing bariatric (weight loss) surgery and also with individuals with binge eating disorder.

Claire gained psycho-educational work experience by co-leading cognitive-behavioral therapy groups at the Center for Addiction & Mental Health for individuals with binge eating and concurrent substance use; and classes at a cardiac-rehab center using psycho-social tools (i.e. motivational interviewing, CBT, mindfulness) to help individuals reduce problematic eating behaviors and increase their physical activity levels.

Claire moved back to the UK in 2011 to complete her Doctoral studies at Leeds Beckett University. Whilst back in the UK she worked for MoreLife, a weight management provider, as their Head of Adult Services, and then for Independent Clinical Services, as their Head of Service Development. In both roles, Claire’s work focused on the design, implementation, and evaluation of different health and well-being services. For example, she played an instrumental role within the leadership team for a National Diabetes Prevention Intervention commissioned by the NHS which is predicted to support over 22,500 people by the end of 2017.

Now back in Canada, Claire brings her passion about health and well-being to the clients she works with. Her personable and caring approach helps empower people to make, and maintain, positive lifestyles changes thereby improving the way they eat, move, and how they feel about themselves. 


  • PhD and MA in Kinesiology & Health Science
  • CanFitPro Personal Training Specialist (PTS)
  • PGCE Physical Education, Leeds Beckett University UK
  • BA Human Movement Studies, Leeds Beckett University UK