Jean-Dark Petersen

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Jean-Dark Peterson is a personal trainer with a vast knowledge base gained in part from his own fitness journey. Growing up on the small island of Aruba, he spent much of his formative years being active and performing a variety of sports, including martial arts. Like most dedicated young athletes, JD sought out a life coach and a personal trainer who taught him enthusiasm and encouraged a happier, healthier lifestyle. He has recently become quite interested in more diverse ways of exercising, including the application of Calisthenics in his training sessions.

JD has gathered a wealth of practical knowledge from his own experiences in the pursuit of health and fitness. He enjoys aiding his clients in their pursuit of healthy weight loss, toning up, muscle growth, as well as increasing strength and overall endurance. His guidance achieves a well-balanced lifestyle that targets all facets of health and wellness. With JD as your personal trainer, each session is set in a training environment that not only motivates but empowers you to continually challenge yourself in a fun and rewarding way.




  • CanFitPro Certified Personal Training Specialist
  • CPR/AED and First Aid