Jessica Reynolds




Jessica Reynolds learned quickly about the importance of strength training after sustaining many injuries through rigorous and demanding physical work in her former career as a professional dancer. Once she picked up a barbell, she fell head over heels in love! In awe of what her body was capable of through weight training, Jess thought, ''how could I not share this with others?''. As such, she pursued and obtained her Personal Training certificate from CanFitPro.

Jess aims to challenge and push her clients to unexpected fitness levels, striving for people to ''surprise'' themselves, with a little touch of humour to get them through those particularly difficult training sessions. Known for her creative approach to traditional fitness methods, her training programs unconventional strength training coupled with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Jess's workouts challenge and engage muscle groups at a deeper level, while incorporating fundamentals for balance and flexibility. As a client of Jess, you can expect dynamic routines, out-of-the-box thinking and strategic results!





  • Personal Training Specialist (PTS)