Personal Trainer Toronto Kayla Phair

Kayla Phair


Kayla Phair has training experience working with professional athletes. Her journey in the fitness industry started as a professional skater, which is where she discovered a joy for coaching and personal training. She has over 10 years experience working as a coach. After finishing her education at the University of Toronto she found a passion for personal training. She has an anti-aging approach to fitness. She provides effective training as a result of her ability to generate and deliver personalized training plans, which are strategically developed with consideration of each client’s individuality and fitness goals. Her strength as a trainer is enhanced as an expert on functional training, fitness recovery, body rejuvenation and pain management. Her passion is helping clients achieve optimally moving and balanced physical bodies in order to develop and provide them with advanced training programs. 


  • Bsc Hons Physical & Health Education, University Of Toronto
  • CanFitPro Personal Training Specialist (PTS)
  • National Council on Health & Fitness (NCHF)
  • Certified Back Specialist, Dr. Stuart McGill
  • Kettlebell Level 2, Kettlebell Athletics
  • Standard First Aid & CPR