Kejda Trungu




Kejda Trungu is a graduate from York University with a specialized honours in Kinesiology and Health Science degree in fitness assessment and exercise counselling. She is certified as a personal trainer and exercise physiologist through the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology.

At a very young age, she became aware of how important healthy living is to a good quality of life. Her greatest joy has come from helping others achieve their health and fitness goals and in doing so, seeing them transform. Kejda is driven by a desire to provide the best possible service in order to deliver habit change in the clients that she sees. She enjoys working with all age groups and is especially passionate about working with women to make physical fitness, healthy nutrition and active lifestyle an integral part of their busy lives. She believes physical fitness is empowering; and strong women, inspiring.

Her goal as a trainer is to motivate and teach clients effective and efficient means of exercising; her goal is to allow them to achieve their personal best in overall physical fitness and well-being. Kejda wants you to look forward to every training session with her and at the end of each session to see you feeling empowered by your work. It is just as important to her that you are enjoying yourself and having fun in the process.