Mitch Weyrauch




Mitch Weyrauch began hispassion for health and fitness began at a very young age though the influence of his father who served our community as a doctor of Chiropractic. His focus has always been to try to prevent illness and disease from affecting his clients through various forums of natural intervention. One variable that his father recognized as having tremendous influence on people’s well being was movement and physical activity. As a result of this focus both his brothers and I were very involved in competitive sports as children growing up. As he matured, many of his interests and desires began to change; however, his passion for physical activity and exercise did not, in fact it only grew stronger with each passing year. This passion lead me to the University of Toronto, where he earned his degree in Kinesiology. Mitch' current interest working as a personal trainer, is to help educate clients about the importance of routine exercise and to demonstrate and teach effective movement patterns. Hard work is extremely impactful in shaping or affecting one’s level of fitness and well being; however, it is only especially effective when this hard work is performed in a smart way. This is the value I intend to provide if given the opportunity to work with you the client.


  • Bsc Hons Kinesiology, University Of Toronto
  • CSCS (Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist)
  • NSCA
  • First Aid & CPR