Natalija Filinova




Natalija Filinova is a Certified Personal Trainer whose focus is on helping her clients make positive changes in their lives. While she is known for spontaneous life changes, her decision to become a personal trainer never faltered, even while studying Healthcare Management at York University.

She believes that fitness can transform people both inside and out, so in 2009, she started on her journey in motivating her clients to achieve things that weren't possible. She has expanded her knowledge to include certifications in kettlebell, fascial stretch therapy, and movement and mobility. She will always put her clients first because it is incredibly fulfilling to see each success.

Natalija knows the human body is capable of doing so much more. She recognizes how important it is to work on new movements and exercises to increase mobility and general fitness. She is dedicated to continuous learning in a variety of different fitness and training techniques because her strength training programs are tailored to the needs of each specific client.

Along side of working as a personal trainer, Natalija is also a professional make up artist. She works both directly with clients as well as with photographers to help create beauty and editorial looks. Natalija's motto is to ''always be stronger than your excuses''. She wants her clients to feel empowered and encourages them to work on both their mental and physical health by implementing healthy and realistic changes throughout each day.