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Provvidenza is a driven and client-centric Personal Trainer who utilizes her academic training and practical experience in Kinesiology and Health Science to help others reach their optimal state of well-being. From a young age she struggled with her weight and dedicated herself to a personal health and welllness journey. Through the Honours Bachelor of Kinesiology program at York University, she had an opportunity to gain a wealth of knowledge in functional anatomy, biomechanics, exercise physiology, nutrition, psychology, as well as learning about exercise prescription for individuals with chronic diseases. 

Provvidenza's experience as a Personal Trainer spans both adolescents and older adults, providing her with the practical knowledge to create custom fitness plans for any age. Her approach to programming includes the crucial step of conducting initial assessments, in order to properly tailor exercise programs that address client needs, goals, and to set a realistic timeframe. With the belief that being healthy means more than just the numbers we see on a scale. Provvidenza is much more than a personal trainer, she is your lifestyle coach!







  • Kinesiology, York University

  • Fitness Instructor Specialist (FIS)

  • Personal Training Specialist (PTS)

  • Certified Swimming Instructor


Eating colourful, balanced, healthy meals is key for optimal health and fitness. Although exercise and regular physical activity are important, not eating well is counterproductive. Give your body the fuel and nourishment it desires to fuel your next workout and repair muscle. Provvidenza’s background in nutrition can help you create specifically tailored meal plans in order to help meet your goals and can also provide many healthy alternatives to foods that you just can’t live without!


Fun is the number one determinant of exercise maintenance! Most recently Provvidenza has taken up cycling and has been enjoying it for several years now. From a young age, year-after- year she’s enrolled herself in numerous soccer teams. Other hobbies of hers include hiking, rock climbing, and swimming. Needless to say, regular physical activity has always been a part of her life. Her goal oriented attitude fuels her drive to try new and exciting things whenever she has the chance which regularly includes pushing herself to the limit. As with any experience, Provvidenza’s adds the activities she’s participated in to her repertoire of exercises she can use to help clients have fun while meeting their fitness goals.


Provvidenza believes that in order to attain optimal health and fitness a number of factors must be considered. At the foundation of Provvidenza’s workouts are key functional movements that test balance, co-ordination, range of motion, endurance and strength.