Tired of Your Traditional Cardio Routine?

Let's be honest: Running on the treadmill or elliptical to get your cardio in can be extremely boring. Building a routine that includes a combination of Boxing, Kickboxing and Muai Thai moves is a great alternative that will keep you moving and entertained.

Below are some basic moves that utilize punches, elbows, kicks and knee strikes that can be integrated into any cardio routine. They can be practiced with a partner (using focus pads) or on your own (using a punching bag or simply punching or kicking in the air).

A couple of minutes of repeating these moves will make cardio a real pleasure. Moreover, it will test your anaerobic capacity to the limit (anaerobic means when the body requires more oxygen than the one stored in the body). Most importantly is to develop your Footwork Pattern in the case of avoiding injury. Knee injuries are common from not tracking your feet properly and executing the move with the correct technique.

One of the combinations I worked on with a friend was a round house kick followed by push kick, and to finish it up, a flying knee. 4 sets, 20 repetitions on each side with a 30 second rest should do the trick and keep your heart rate up.

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