How Fitness Found Me

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I want everyone to know how easy it is to get fit, be healthy, and stay that way!  I wasn't always a "fitness person;"  at one point I was over 240 lbs and in really rough shape.  The journey is hard, especially to start, but we must all start somewhere!

Even with being a big guy and unable to even pull myself up once, I also battled severe pain from shoulder surgery, as well as suffering a hernia at 21 years old.  I really felt down, beaten, without any energy.

As a few years passed and I healed, I slowly tried to integrate physical activity back into my life.  I took a different approach and focused on different activities instead of locking myself into machines at a gym. 

I found functional style training, using old school methods like walking, running, pushups and lunges, resistance bands and kettlebells, combined with flexibility and balance training.

Personal Trainer | In Home Personal Training

I ate complete meals with lots of veggies and plenty of water. I realized I had found the key to unlocking my body's potential!  Do it all, try it all, be dynamic!

Personal Trainer | In Home Personal Training

I went back to school to study Fitness and make it my career!  I now have the opportunity to change the lives of others and help them achieve their goals! 


Personal Trainer | In Home Personal Training

If you've never tried running or walking, DO IT! 

If you're sore, injured, and out of energy, HEAL, START SLOW, WORK GRADUALLY! 

If you're starving yourself to lose fat EAT MORE VEGGIES AND LEAN PROTEIN!

And of course...... DRINK LOTS OF H2O!  :)

Stay Happy, Stay Healthy, Keep Moving

Eric Zimmerman is a Your House Fitness personal trainer based in Toronto, ON. To view his profile click on his name.