Add Variety To Your Workout Routine

Feeling a little bored with your fitness routine?

We all get one-track-minded sometimes when it comes to choosing workouts, which ultimately leads us to plateaus and boredom.  How do we add variety to our fitness?  Here are a few different exercise options that can really add great depth and variety to your fitness routine!

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Climbing activities have great benefit for us.  Not only is it a great strength exercise, but climbing is also all about ENDURANCE while developing BALANCE, CO-ORDINATION and CORE STABILITY.  Add a day or two of climbing to your routine and it will add an awesome dynamic aspect to your training.

Try these stretch' after climbing!

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That’s right folks, I said DRUMMING.  Being a drummer myself, I find many positive exercise benefits that transfer over from DRUMMING into modern fitness.  DRUMMING is also about a combination of STRENGTH and ENDURANCE, while promoting increased neurological development with PATTERNS, SEQUENCING, and TIMING.  DRUMMING has also been noted as a top DE-STRESSING activity, promoting RELAXATION and a HEALTHY IMMUNE SYSTEM by Dr. Barry Bittman.

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Like other martial arts, BOXING provides a fast paced CARDIO and STRENGTH building activity into one package.  BOXING builds TIMING, SPEED, and POWER and provides an awesome outlet to RELIEVE STRESS.  BOXING promotes a great deal of CORE ACTIVITY as well AGILITY and also improves EYE-HAND CO-ORDINATION.  BOXING will make you SWEAT!  It is still one of the top FAT-BURNING exercises out there!

Check out how to hit some pads

Moving in boxing?

Different combinations in boxing

Give these fitness activities a try, and see how it adds variety to your workout routine!

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Eric Zimmerman is a Your House Fitness personal trainer based in Toronto, ON. To view his profile click on his name.