How-to do Video Series: Dynamic Warm Up | Dynamic Stretching

Dynamic Warm Up | Dynamic Stretching

This video series will demonstrate how to incorporate specific dynamic stretches in your day to day life in order to keep your body primed for your training, sporting event, or athletic competition.

We focus on incorporating movement in all planes of motion, in order to teach effective, dynamic, and engaging exercises.  We strive to provide an environment that promotes not just strength building but also encourages maintenance and improvement of range of motion throughout life. 

Why dynamic stretching?

  • Warms up the muscles
  • Activates that muscles that will be used for the workout

Benefits of using dynamic stretching:

  • Helps to improve range of motion
  • Maximize movements
  • Improves performance and efficiency

All exercises can be done anywhere.

Our 21 how-to videos will cover all the muscle groups!