How to Use Battle Ropes

How to Use Battle Ropes

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About the Battle Ropes

If you’ve ever googled around on the internet and watched a couple or more gym videos, then you’ve probably seen a hunkered-down dude going wild on two long lengths of rope in one of its training montages, swinging them in all sorts of direction while they pull their meanest “tough guy” face. In fact, it’s not just a common sighting in gym videos, as many movies have also incorporated it in their “becoming a hero” montages, with the clips of the protagonist doing it while some energetic music plays (we’re not quite sure if Rocky did it, but we wouldn’t be surprised at all if he did).

And so, this may lead you to wonder, how exactly can flailing a couple of ropes around going to help me? Rope is light. It’s not made of something heavy like iron, so shouldn’t I be better off just lifting weights and doing crunches?

Well, it turns out, it can help you a whole lot. And although battle ropes (sometimes called as battling ropes or heavy ropes) are fairly one of the newer fitness trends that have started to hit gyms from all over the country, the idea and workout itself is not new. As a matter of fact, it has been used as a training tool for athletes like football players and mixed martial artists for a long time now.

It was also pioneered by strongman John Brookfield, maneuvering them in a variety of ways, resulting in a high-intensity workout that’s fairly easy to learn.

What Do Battle Ropes Do

Well, first off, battle ropes are a surefire way to give yourself a high-intensity workout that can easily affect all of your body in ways more than one. That’s because unlike the static and repetitive movement of lifting metal weights up and down, using battle ropes gives you a workout that is ever-changing and dynamic in movement, while also letting you know if you’re doing the techniques properly.

And because they’re essentially just ropes, you can basically do anything you want with them. That means that the ropes can be dragged, slammed, or even whipped. However, the most popular technique that’s used with battling ropes is by shaking them up and down simultaneously, causing them to move in waves.

By doing this, you are basically giving your body a full workout, affecting the muscles in your back, glutes, abs, and of course, your arms. To take it even a notch higher, you can even throw in some squats, lunges, and jumps in there too.

Proper use and different styles

Still, they won’t be helping you much if you don’t understand how to use them properly. With battle ropes, it’s important to take in their various lengths and widths, as how thick and long they are will decide how much impact they’ll give on your body. The longer the rope, the more force you need to exert, and the closer you are to its anchor, the more resistance you’ll be making.

Three of the most popular methods you can use on battle ropes


Incredibly aggressive, this method primarily focuses on the force you exert to go down on the ground.


Symmetrical. Focuses on putting the direction of force towards the rope’s anchor.


Alternating pattern. The most common pattern, puts the direction of force towards the anchor simultaneously.

Battle Ropes Hand Grips

When doing the workout, there are also two handgrips you can utilize, namely the overhand, also called the handshake, and the underhand, which is also called as the microphone.

Benefits of Incorporating Battle Ropes in Your Workout


Battle ropes are versatile in such a way that you can easily train with then anywhere. All you need is some rope and a wide open space, and you’re literally all set.

Helps Develop and Strengthen Mental Stability and Toughness

One of the key attributes to becoming a great athlete is to develop mental toughness, which essentially gives you the push you need to overcome obstacles not just physically. Your mind is literally in a battlefield, and developing the strength to maintain it will do wonders for you, pushing you to keep going even when your arms are crying for help and your lungs are burning so much.

Low Impact Training

Another key benefit to using battle ropes is that since all of the stress and force is rendered onto your muscular system, all of your joints experience minimal stress, decreasing the risk of injury. Despite this however, battle ropes still give an insane amount of results if done consistently.

Develops Functional Fitness

Due to the intensity of the actions you have to do to perform it, battle ropes essentially train your whole body. This means that while you’re slowly getting fit, the benefits you earn from it are also useful. This includes getting a stronger grip, as well as developing a high amount of muscular and cardiovascular endurance, which will help keep you healthier even as you age.

Unilateral Balance

One of the biggest benefits that you can get from rope battling is unilateral balance, meaning that both sides of your body will move in the same way.

They’re Fun!

Although not that big of a benefit, simply having fun with a workout you’re doing can go a long way. That’s because simply lifting barbells can get boring, while battle ropes help keep your more engaged.

Final Thoughts

As far back as 3500 B.C., rope has already been used by man to help assist in daily activities, and life back then has improved so much because of it. Nowadays however, its prominence has reached many fields and disciplines, having the ability to help improve a human both physically and mentally.

So what are you waiting for? Get into position, hold that rope firmly, and start blasting away!

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