Squat Rack Versus Power Rack

Similarities Between the Squat Rack and the Power Rack

Squat Rack Versus Power Rack Breakdown

About the Squat Rack and Power Rack

How this gym equipment can help you your fitness journey

So you’ve decided to finally hit the gym and spend the afternoon busting a sweat. You’ve prepared for this, did your homework as to the types of workout you will do and the equipment to go along with them. Suffice it to say, you’re all set to start your fitness journey, and today’s going to be your first day.

So you step foot in the gym, put on some music, and start lifting some dumbbells and having a go at the treadmills. It’s all good fun, and everyone else is minding their own business, save for the few nods they send your way every now and then. You then decide to do some shoulder and back work by lifting some barbells, but as you near the rack, you come to a realization.

You don’t have a spotter, and you’re too shy to ask anyone.

Squat Rack

Now this is a problem. Clearly, you can do the weight lifting on your own, but you don’t want to risk injuring yourself by dropping the weights on yourself, and maybe even stopping you from going to the gym ever again.

So how do you go about this problem? Pretty simple, actually. Enter the squat rack, or power rack, as it’s appropriately called. Now we know it’s big and sturdy, and there are usually a ton of weights placed on it, but don’t be intimated. As a matter of fact, if used properly, it can become one of the most important pieces of equipment that you will keep coming back to.

Simple enough to understand and use, the beauty of the squat rack is that you can do almost any exercise on it while also vastly decreasing the danger that comes with lifting heavy without a spotter. All you need to do is to use proper placement on the safety mechanisms. Its primary purpose is to essentially act as your guide as you gradually progress with heavier and heavier weights.

Made for the squat, which is a hard technique to perform safely and with perfect form, the squat rack lets you do things on you own, at your own pace and time.

How To Use A Squat Rack or power rack

  • Put the upper racking mechanisms at shoulder height. The upper racks is where you’ll be “resting” the bar in between your intense sets.

  • Next, place the lower safety racks to the lowest point where you want it to be. Some lower it until their thighs are almost parallel to the ground, but no need to push yourself that much. Start slow, and light. Place the safety racks an inch lower than your chosen point. Always remember this.

  • Place your chosen weight at the upper racking mechanisms. Secure the weight via the collars.

  • Grip the bar tightly using your whole hand, and carefully perform your set.

Back Squat

What Exercises Can Be Done on the Squat Rack or Power Rack

Of course, due to its simple to use mechanics, the squat rack or power rack can also be used on other exercises. This includes the deadlift, the overhead press, barbell lunges, and bent over row. As always, all the different exercises employ different techniques on the squat rack, but all are generally safe if you do them properly.

benefits OF Using A Squat or Power Rack

Improves your core strength

When you do a complete squat, your core muscles become very engaged, working hard to make sure your body has the strength to stay in an upright position. This results in better core strength.


In addition to helping you build overall muscle size, squat racks are also efficient because they activate a variety of other major muscle groups as well. This involves your glutes and your calves, and even helps build your stamina.

Improves state of mind

Surprisingly, doing your squats on the squat/power rack can also help give you peace of mind. This is because in addition to the focus you have to give, the idea of pushing yourself further and further without worrying if it’s too dangerous for you also helps boost your confidence, which in turn livens you up and pushes you to work out more.

Develops mental stability

Squats require incredible focus and is generally very physically demanding, and so consistently doing it helps build your mental toughness. This results in heightened focus even when under pressure.

User friendly equipment

One of the best things about the squat/power rack is how “friendly” it is in terms of usability and accessibility. The idea of the squat rack is that you can basically get a full workout with all of the safety equipment even when you’re by yourself.

Additional tips when using a squat rack or Power Rack

Make sure your ankles are flexible. Squatting up and down require proper control, and a stiff ankle may lead to injury.

Don’t position the bar too high. Put the bar on your back, not on the base of your neck. Simple lapses like this can often lead to grave injury.

Position your foot properly. Use your dominant foot as a guide, and make sure they are at least shoulder width apart.

Don’t round your lower back. Contracting your lumber muscles should help stop this, as it can cause some serious injury on your part. Rounding your lower back also means that you are relaxing some of your muscles, which is not recommend as everything needs to fully engaged to get the full result of the workout, and to make sure your safety is secured.

Neglecting other exercises. It’s easy to neglect other exercises. However, know that the squat rack can only do so much, and different muscles and goals require different types and levels of training.

So there you go, that should cover more than the basics of the ins and outs of the squat rack. Used properly, it can be a really effective tool for your fitness journey, and can help jumpstart a strong body workout using only one type of exercise. So make use of this information what you will, and start your way to a healthier, and stronger life today.

The difference in size between a squat rack and a power rack

Traditionally the squat racks are mainly just for squatting and therefore tend to take up a lot less space, especially when compared to the power rack, which is essentially a large metal cage suited with safety belts or bars which act as a spotter. When starting your own gym whether that be garage or commercial it should be a consideration of whether you can afford the space of a power rack.

What’s The Cost of a Squat Rack versus a Power Rack

When looking at how much money you’re able to spend it as the cost of a squat rack can range around 200-700$ compared to a power rack which will range from $900-$3000+

Versatility Between a Squat Rack versus a power rack

Ask yourself this question would you want a rack mainly just for squat and bench or would you rather a rack that can be used for squat, bench, rack pulls, pull-ups, dips and the list goes on.

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