To Many S**t Instagram Deadlifts

To Many S**t Instagram Deadlifts

Today we face the huge societal issue of facing too many poor instagram deadlifts. Reason being is there just isn’t enough cues, angles, and most of all technique when performing a deadlift. Leaving us here with todays white whiteboard session. Breaking down the do’s and don'ts of deadlifting, good cues to incorporate when considering and performing a deadlift.

The Main Culprits

From Hamstrings to Quadriceps

The deadlift we have started with has origins of being performed as primarily a hip dominant movement, today we see it being performed primarily as a bottom loaded squat which can switch the emphasis


Many times due to the load being in front of you, you will tend to see shoulder rounding all the way through, there is a way to correct this!


There is a technique to everything when it comes to compound lifts, breathing is no different. Many times when we take a breath in it is into our ribs, causing our shoulders to shrugs, this is not what we want. Trying to retrain our mind in how we breathe can be difficult but we will tell you what to look for


Without many cues, there can be a lot of room for error, one key cue we touch on the video will help prevent the mid back from rounding under heavier loads.

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