10 Simple Cues to Improve Your Squat

Optimize Your Squat With These 10 Cues

10 Simple Cues To Improve Your Squat

Here are the top 10 squatting cues from our trainers

Mike Overhead Squat
Danielle Back Squat
Courtney Performing a Goblet Squat
  1. Feet just at shoulder with apart to allow proper depth for the squat.

  2. Keep your hands close and not too far across the bar.  This helps to keep your chest up and body straight.

  3. Pull your shoulder blades back and contract your core to maintain neutral spine.

  4. Always make sure the plates are clipped in so there is no wobble to throw off your balance.

  5. Inhale the breath and maintain intra thoracic pressure to help keep your core tight during the squat.  

  6. Abduct and external rotate the legs in order to ensure the gluteal muscles are acting as the prime mover in the exercise.

  7. Keep your eyes focused forward, perhaps on a specific spot which will help to maintain proper position.

  8. Ensure your weight is back in the squat, and that the pressure is maintained across your mid foot.

  9. Drive the knees outward as you come up from the squat, and do not let your legs come inward.

  10. Lift with intensity and do not lift too slowly; ensure you are gaining power as well as strength.

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