5 Best Post-Workout Foods to Optimize Fat Loss

5 Best Post-Workout Foods To Optimize Fat Loss

5 Best Post-Workout Foods to Optimize Fat Loss

our selection for the 5 Best post-workout foods

Nutrition is always of the utmost importance when it comes to reaching your health and fitness goals and getting the most out of your personal training sessions. Let’s dive into some great options that can help you maximize the results you are looking for, and get you in recovery mode.

Lean Meats

If you have ever talked to a personal trainer about post workout nutrition, one of the first things they have probably mentioned is that your body needs protein ASAP after you workout. Wait! Don’t throw that steak on the grill just yet. If your goal is fat loss, then your best bet is sticking to lean meats like chicken or turkey. If you’re really feeling beefy then opt for some extra lean ground beef (5% fat or lower). These lean meats will provide you with the protein needed to refuel and rebuild your muscles after putting them through an intense personal training session.


Everyone has some sort of connection with veggies-- you either hate them or you love them. Your body loves them. This goes for especially after a grueling workout because of the essential vitamins and minerals - but there’s a catch. Reaching for the veggies in the fridge? Make sure you cook them. Raw veggies after a workout tend to take up space in your belly while not giving you enough calories to refuel your body. The solution? Cook your veggies and make sure that you serve them up along side some protein and complex carbs for an added nutritional boost and a complete meal.

Complex Carbs

Besides protein, your body relies on carbohydrates to kick-start the recovery process. However, your personal trainer and your fat loss goals beg you to stay away from sugary sports drinks that “promote recovery.” Drinks like Gatorade and Powerade are an easy way to pack your body with simple carbs in the form of sugar, but if you’re serious about your fat loss goals, then you are much better off choosing complex carbs instead. Go for carbs like brown rice to help you with your recovery process and keep you full longer.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is the mecca for quick and healthy protein sources because it contains a high amount of protein. You already know that this getting enough protein in after your personal training sessions, help optimize fat loss because protein does a great job with keeping you full and satisfied. It also aids in your muscle repair. Many Greek yogurts contain the added benefit of probiotics for your gut health and have healthy fats. This is a must have snack to add to your grocery list if you want to maximize your protein intake.

Healthy Fats

Yes, you must eat fat to keep your body running at optimal levels - which your body loves and craves. When you are on a weight loss journey and working with a personal trainer to guide you nutritionally, you may learn that adding fats to your diet is a great way to stay full as well. Keep in mind the amount of calories you're consuming when eating healthy fats. For instance, two tablespoon of peanut butter is about 190 calories and half an avocado is about 130 calories, and can actually deter you from your weight loss goals if you’re not careful.


You have to be putting the right fuel into your body for it to work properly, which is why the saying goes, abs are made in the kitchen. When you have weight loss goals, it’s best to consider options that will move you into that direction when you complete a personal training session for the day.

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