5 Best Energizing Pre-Workout Snacks

5 Best Energizing Pre-Workout Snacks

5 Best Energizing Pre-Workout Snacks

These Are Our Top 5 Best Energizing Pre-Workout Snacks

Your personal trainer reminds you that you don’t need to be reaching for your favorite pre-workout supplement or coffee to give you a boost to complete your workouts. Sometimes the greatest boost comes from the foods sitting right in your pantry or refrigerator. After all, food is fuel! These pre-workout snacks will help increase your stamina during any workout and help you finish strong.

Protein Shakes

This pre-workout snack is a classic go-to in the fitness world and recommended during personal training sessions. Drinking a protein shake before your workout will ensure that you’re not focusing on hunger - the fiber and protein content will keep you satisfied. When you drink a protein shake, you won’t feel heavy/bloated feeling or experience problems with digestion due to it being a liquid. Drinking a protein shake before your personal training sessions will allow you to maximize muscle growth from the added protein.


This tried and true snack is always a great go-to before a personal training session. Bananas are filled with water and simple carbs that go straight to your bloodstream, which energizes you quickly. Bananas are filled with fiber, which helps you stay full and keep you satisfied. Bananas are the top choice over any other fruit by personal trainers because of their unique composition. The carbohydrates in bananas are very digestible and contain potassium - a nutrient that helps with your muscle function.


If you don’t love oatmeal, you’re missing out. Oatmeal can be eaten in a wide variety of ways, making it a popular choice recommended by personal trainers. Oats are a good source of complex carbs, meaning your body will digest it slowly and use it over time to give you maximum energy. Complex carbs, such as oats, only result in a small increase in blood sugar levels, so you won’t feel like you want to crash while during your personal training session.

Whole Grain Bread + Peanut Butter

Whole grain contains complex carbs which digests slowly like oatmeal so are ideal to consume before a personal training session. If you add a healthy fat such as peanut or almond butter, this light meal is sure to satisfy and give you enough energy to crush your workout without weighing you down. The added peanut or almond butter is sure to make you feel powerful during your workout. The protein, fiber, and healthy fat combination that peanut and almond butter provide, is the perfect energy source if you need something quick before training. For added health benefits, go for an all-natural brand of peanut or almond butter that doesn’t include any extra sugar or unhealthy oils.

Berries + Yogurt

Like bananas, this fruit is a source of simple carbs that will be digested easily and rapidly into your body giving you increased energy effects. The truth is, berries of all kinds will give you a colorful, fiber-filled snack that fuels you up with healthy protein and fat. As an added bonus, berries are full of antioxidants which helps decrease free radicals in your body, which destroys your cells. Let’s not forget to mention that berries, as in any fruit have high water content, making perfect for increasing body hydration before your personal training session. Greek yogurt is beneficial for the high protein intake, which helps with satiety, and building/repairing your muscles.


Don’t feel like you need to overeat before your next personal training session. You need to feel comfortable but not uncomfortably hungry during a workout. It’s best to consume all snacks at least 30 minutes before so the energy effects can start getting to work!

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