Happy New Year! Now What?

Happy 2019!

Happy New Year! Now What?

Now What?

Now is the time to work towards being the best version of yourself. I wanted to talk about 3 things that have been on my mind for the past year, which can be applied to fitness and otherwise!

Be Yourself

Whenever I get the chance to speak about this subject, I always encourage people to be themselves and not pretend to be someone their not. 4 years ago, I started Your House Fitness, and along the way, I have encountered many clients as well as trainers that would act like someone else to get the acceptance of that person. This is not an easy thing to keep up and many times will backfire. So be yourself!

You Look Great, But We Could Always Be Better

Whenever I get someone that does not like how they look for x reason, I always try to explain to them that they’re beautiful the way they are. But can they be better? Of course. We can all be better, just don’t throw yourself against the wall about it. Know it's an ongoing journey and that there will be ups and downs. We are only human. This is why you need to learn how to love yourself from the beginning and not later on.

Speak Up If You Aren’t Happy

Don’t let issues accumulate. If something arises that you aren’t comfortable with, whether it’s in the workplace, gym or anywhere else, speak up about it. Speaking up will make you feel much better, help others understand how you feel and will avoid building resentment.

What Happens now?

Go unleash the best version of yourself!

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