Resistance Bands

What Are Resistance Bands & Why Are They So Important?

What Are Resistance Bands & Why Are They So Important? Blog Post

The Importance of Resistance Bands

A healthy lifestyle entails proper diet choices and an active day to day activities. The human body, like every other system, reacts positively or negatively depending on how you treat it. If you fill it with the wrong meals, then you will fall ill, however, if the opposite will give a different result. This explanation goes the same for exercising; to be completely healthy and strong, you require exercises. Exercising the body promotes longevity, as well as, improves the immune system and strengthens vital organs. There are two major forms of exercising patterns we must all try to engage in; cardiovascular exercises & Strength training exercises.

Cardiovascular exercises help in exercising every part of the body, including the vital organs of the body. However, strength training exercises, as the name implies, allow you to strengthen the muscles of the body. Cardiovascular exercises comprise exercises like Running, Jogging, Swimming, and Cycling. Whereas, strength training exercises require equipment like Dumbbells, Barbells, Kettlebells, and exercise band. Exercise bands are one of the most versatile strength training exercise equipment.

This article is aimed at explaining what exactly they are, as well as, their importance.

What Are Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are strong elastic bands made specifically for strength training exercises without the need of lifting weights. These versatile pieces of elastic bands are strong and have a firm grip. Thus they require a lot of strength to pull apart. They are available in different colors and allow its users to exercise conveniently without necessarily taking a trip to the gym. They can also, be used in the rehabilitation of patients with physical injuries that require therapy. They aid in stretching and strengthening joints that might be weak as a result of a patient’s injuries.

Resistance bands have a place in everyone’s routine, whether that be for a method of resistance during an at home workout or as an activation tool at the gym. Think of resistance bands of the free weights of the cable world. They can be manipulated to perform many exercises and can provide you with a killer at home workout.

The Mechanism Behind Resistance Bands

If you’ve ever come across a resistance band before, then you would realize that they are made in different degrees of difficulty. While some are light and easy to stretch, others are firm and a bit harder to pull apart. There is also, a medium range difficulty available. Resistance bands work by providing an external resistance force that can be applied to the muscles without having to use weights. These opposing weights allow you to exercise and tone your muscles, by pulling, pushing, curling against the exerted force. There are so many exercises that you can engage in while using resistance bands.

Now, even though resistance bands are an amazing choice of equipment for strength training, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to shun free weights. They, also, have their unique benefits. As a matter of fact, a lot of athletes make use of both resistance bands and free weights for the best results. Strength training using the tools and resistance bands helps you achieve a unique dynamic of strength training and helps your body retain more benefits. However, it is a great alternative, especially when the necessary machines and tools are unavailable at the moment.

What Exercises Can You Engage In Using Resistance Bands?

As mentioned earlier, resistance bands are so versatile, and you can use them to carry out a wide spectrum of exercises. You can add resistance bands to virtually every fitness routine, you can think of; however, they are particularly great for strength training exercises. For example, you can add a resistance band to your push-ups for extra difficulty. Also, assisted pull-ups, lateral walks, climbs, bicep curls, as well as, chest press. Apart from the extra difficulty that comes with using resistance bands, you can also, build up your endurance by stretching on longer than you normally do. Resistance bands can be used to stretch and tone every muscle in the body without any hassle.

Benefits Of Adding Resistance Bands To Your Workout

With resistance bands incorporated into your workout routine, you have the opportunity of enjoying the following benefits;

Cost Effective

One of the major benefits of adding resistance bands to your workout routine is that it is inexpensive. Resistance bands are a lot less cheap than other gym equipment, regardless of purchasing it as a set or alone. Add this to your home gym, and you don’t have to dent your bank account.

Multiple Fitness Levels

Resistance bands are made at different levels of difficulties, so you can achieve a lot of positive workout benefits from using resistance bands. You can decide to use slack or firm bands, and try multiple bands at a go. This will help create a whole new level of challenge for you to conquer. You can also, try out cross-training as mentioned earlier. Adding free weights to your routine can help you exercise your entire body easily. 

A Whole Body Workout

With the right amount of resistance bands, as well as, the right routine, and you’ll be sweating in a few minutes. This is especially great for people who cannot afford to purchase the necessary gym equipment required for a workout. Plus, resistance bands does not just make full body workouts possible, but also, effective ones. For example, the arc motion your arm needs to undergo for a bicep curl is more effective with a resistance band. Free weights will be too heavy for that process, which could make you sore or get injured if you’re not careful.

Better Storage Space

Unlike other gym equipments that require a lot of space to incorporate them in your home, resistance bands do not require too much space. As a matter of fact, they can be stored anywhere you think is appropriate, as long as, you remember them when you need them. 


Another great benefit of using resistance bands is that you can exercise on the go. Resistance bands are not weighty and require minimal space when packing up for a trip. You can exercise anywhere in the world with a resistance band, all you need is enough space for your workout, and you’re good to go.

Types of Resistance Bands


These bands are fairly small in size, and weight, they are fairly thin and are best suited for lower body exercises like Monster Walks, and Clam Shells

Standard resistance Loop band

This band comes in a standard loop, they tend to very in thickness based on resistance. These bands are often used for assisted pull-ups but can be used for a variety of exercises including added resistance on a deadlift platform to make the top of the lift more heavier that the bottom.

Compact resistance band

These bands come with handle attachments that make it easier for a diverse use including rows and biceps curls.


All of the bands come in varying resistances based on your current needs in your fitness routine.

Commonly known banded exercises

Monster walks

Put the band just above your ankles, get into an athletic stance (knees bent, slight hip hinge forwards, walk forward in a diagonal motion, with one foot and repeat in the other direction with the other foot.

clam shells

Lie down on your side, bring your knees up towards your chest and bend your knees, bring the band around both thighs, just above your knees, separate your thighs, return, repeat.


Bring the band in both hands across the chest line, pull apart, feel the activation in your posterior deltoids.


Get your band around a pole, or if that is unavailable, sit down with your legs fully extended, grab either side, bring your shoulders up and back, pull through your elbows, slowly extend, repeat.

Bicep Curls

Place one half of the band underneath your feet, grab the resistance band in a way where both your palms arm facing the ceiling, bring your hand up to your shoulder, lower all the way and repeat.

Not so commonly seen

Front Squats

Using the standard resistance loop band you will step over half the band and grab the other half with your hands, in a front-rack position of a front squat and treat it just like a barbell front squat, the only difference is that there will be the most resistance at the top of the movement.

Wrapping Up

Resistance bands are one of the best pieces for a full body workout. They are easy to use, convenient, and very effective. This strength training equipment is a great choice for everyone, regardless of your gender or budget. Be sure to get yours and enjoy working out anywhere you like.

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