The Best Tricep Exercises You Might Not Be Doing

The Best Tricep Exercises You Might Not Be Doing

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Struggling With Tricep Exercises

Have you ever looked at your arms and felt that something is missing? More likely than not it’s typically your triceps. Have you been training them properly? With the right exercises, intensity and weights? Fear no more! We’ll be breaking down all the important factors about training your triceps and tell you about a couple of tricep exercises you might be missing in your workout routine.

What Are the Three Muscle of the Triceps

Triceps Brachii (Lateral Head)

Triceps Brachii (Medial Head)

Triceps Brachii (Long head)

How Do The Triceps Muscle Work When Doing Tricep Exercises

The triceps are a muscle that work through extension of the elbow, in other words your triceps help bring your arm into a straightened position. Why does this matter? This is how we will work them to add on that size.

The POP Effect In The Arms

When looking at a well rounded muscular upper arm we look at the three main muscles that reside there, Deltoids(shoulders), Biceps, and Triceps. When there are very well defined triceps it well help emphasize the rounding of the shoulders by popping out on the sides, showing a larger more full looking arm even when viewed from the front.

The Most Important Part Of A tHE tRICEP Exercise

Without question the eccentric phase of a lift is the most important for putting that muscle on.

What is an eccentric phase you might be asking. There are two main portions to a lift. There is a phase where are the muscles are shortened and fully contracted this is the concentric phase, in a tricep push down this would be the bottom portion where your elbows are locked out. The phase where you slowly return to where you started would be called the eccentric phase. This is where the muscle is lengthened and where the most micro-trauma is seen. Which is good because this is what we want to happen so our muscles will repair the tears and grow larger.

List of Tricep Exercises

Elbows tucked Push-Up

Elbows tucked Push-Up

Assume a bottom push-up position, thumbs underneath the nipples, fingers slightly angled out, elbows touching your ribs. Push up through palms keeping a straight back and lower slowly.



Get an even grip on the dip bar, chest as upright as possible. Cross legs. Lower with control and push through palms back up.

Dips (Bench)

dips bench

mODIFIED Dips (Bench)

modified dip (bench)

Standing Dumbbell Skull Crushers


Get a dumbbell you are able to lift over head, place both hands, under the higher side of the dumbbell. Tuck elbows close to head, extend straight over head and lower with control.

Tricep Rope Extensions

Tricep Rope Extensions picture

Grab both ends of the rope, get a slight bend in your knees with a slight lean forward of your upper body. Extend straight down with a slight outward curve at the bottom. Control the way up.

Bent Over Tricep Extensions or Tricep Kickbacks

Bent Over Tricep Extensions.gif

Close Grip Bench Press

Close Grip Bench Press Picture

Overhead cable tricep extensions

Overhead cable tricep extensions picture

Single arm cable tricep extensions

Single arm cable tricep extensions

Dumbbell Overhead press

Dumbbell Overhead press.gif

Check out our tutorial on how to perform a dumbbell shoulder press.

Here is a sample tricep workout

  • The Tricep Finisher

  • Elbows tucked push ups- 10-15

  • Dips- 10-12

  • Standing dumbbell Skull Crushers- 10-15

  • Tricep Rope Extensions- AMRAP

2-3 Rounds 1-2 min Rest

How To Address This Lagging Body Part

When it comes to tracking it is very important in any regard when you want to see real progress. Some quick tips would be to keep a set couple of exercises in your programming. Record your initial weight, rep and set scheme. Each week try to add weight, a rep, and eventually an additional set to the program. Linear progression will be a great way to kick start your tricep growth and get those initial gains without question! The Ideal goal will be to achieve about 10+ weekly working sets into your program, that will more than likely be a combination of pressing and isolation movements. Ensure that these sets are at a higher intensity 8-9 out of 10 (10 being failure).

Eat To Get Big

What you do after you train and in between training sessions is the most important thing. Eating whole foods, with a wide array of protein, vegetable, carbohydrates and fat sources are very important in optimal health and especially when it comes to adding size. Be sure to include a larger amount of protein at each meal to ensure you are hitting your daily protein requirements and helping to aid that recovery process.


Just as important to hit your muscle groups with intensity you should not over train them. When have you gone too far? Waking up the next morning and not being able to bend your arms is not a good sign, also not being able to hit your next session with the most amount intensity due to the fact that you are still sore is another sign. Make sure you are progressing but at the same time it is not a race, take your time and be methodical with your progressions and don’t over do it.

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