Why Strength Training Is Important For Everyone

Why Strength Training Is Important For Everyone

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Learn Why Strength Training Is Important For Everyone

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When it comes to strength training with a personal trainer, things often seem very one sided. You’ve probably noticed that male bodies traditionally dominate almost all of the precious space in any given weight room. These men often look extremely buff and sometimes can be heard grunting - a scenario that can leave a novice and the large majority of women, extremely intimidated. This is when self-doubt and lack of motivation creeps in. You may find yourself questioning if you even deserve a space in that weight room.

In terms of health and fitness, this gym intimidation is a top barrier, but things are changing. Let us set the record straight - Strength training is important for everyone, and not just something your local personal trainer spews for fun. Everyone who is looking to reach his or her health fitness goals can benefit from strength training greatly.

The Big Deal

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Many people believe that strength training is only for the men that want to be extremely buff and hang out in the gym 24/7. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Strength training is an essential part of any personal training program because stronger muscles results in a stronger body overall. Here are just some of the benefits:

●      Improved posture

●      Improved body mechanics such as balance and coordination

●      Toned muscles

●      Increased fat loss

●      Protects bones

●      Decrease injury risk

Okay, so now you’ve decided that you want to start a strength-training program with your personal trainer for the benefits, but you don’t need to lift more than 5-10lbs right?

Not quite.

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This really isn’t an issue seen with men, but it can be detrimental to the physical progress of a woman that desires to have a better physique and tone up. Women tend to stay away from personal trainers that want them to lift heavy weights because many believe they will bulk up just like a man. Let’s set another record straight - most women don’t eat enough or have enough testosterone to become overly muscular. Strength training benefits a woman’s body by giving her fabulous muscle tone and the curves she desires.


Extra Benefits of Strength Training

Both sexes can benefit from the increased fat loss benefit. If a personal trainer hasn’t trained you lately, you probably believe that doing more cardio is the only way to go when you have fat loss goals. An amazing benefit of strength training is that it will increase your metabolism and produce much greater fat burn in your body than classic cardio.

Your body may burn a significant amount of calories from your cardio sessions, but after your session is done, you stop burning for the day. Strength training is a form of HIIT (High intensity Interval Training) and is much more effective than cardio because it burns calories both during and after exercise. Essentially, when you do any HIIT workout, your body and metabolism function at a higher rate of burned calories for up to 36 hours afterwards. You are guaranteed at least three times the amount of fat loss with half of the exercise time since HIIT is usually so short.

Strength training with your personal trainer ensures that you have a very complete total body program that will help you reach your fitness goals. Men and women alike will benefit in ways that are unique to their body and genetic makeup. Strength training with your personal trainer will push you to create a stronger version of yourself. In the end, aren't you trying to push for a real change anyway?

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