The Wellness Vault Podcast: Lee Boyce [S01 E02]

Season 1, Episode 2: Lee Boyce

The Wellness Vault Podcast: Season 1, Episode 2: Lee Boyce

Episode 2: LEE BOYCE

Pedemonte, S. The Wellness Vault Podcast: Season 1, episode 2, "Lee Boyce". Recorded on January 25th, 2018, 44:50.

Bio of Lee Boyce

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Lee Boyce is no stranger to controversy, and his opinions and firm resolve to popularize the brutal truth about training have landed him countless features in some of the largest publications in the world, including Men’s Health, Esquire, Men’s Fitness, The Huffington Post, and Oxygen. Lee doesn’t care about the size of his audience, and that’s probably what’s made it grow at a steadily increasing rate over the years. The Toronto-based generalist is ready to give the fitness world a much needed voice of reason, and pull no punches while doing it. He’s making the right moves and creating a splash in the industry – and his often unpopular opinions will definitely make you think.