Why Full Body Works Better for a Busy Professional

Discover Why Full Body Workouts Work Better for a Busy Professional


Many times truly busy professionals have one thing that might be a possible hindrance to training and that would be time.


Ideally 2-3 times per week 


When your training frequency is very small, it wouldn’t be recommended that you break up your training routine into smaller body parts. The reason being is that we need to get about ~11 working sets per week per major muscle group. When training a body part per week it might be about another full week sometimes longer before you train it again if something comes up, you get sick or skip a session. This will make it extremely hard, for you to see any sort of progress in the gym, whether it be strength gains or muscle size gains. For this reason, we keep it full-body and can get a good amount of working sets for each major body part.


Track your workouts, it is very important to log your weights so you can track your progress via weight or set increase,


Making sure that you or your client is able to properly recover from workout to workout to allow them to progress each time or at least give a similar effort. Do not kill yourself to the point where you are going sore into your next workout.

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