Why Is Rapid Weight Loss Bad?

Why Is Rapid Weight Loss Bad?

Rapid weight loss is always the hottest craze in the fitness industry. There is always a quick fix solution that no one knew about before. Today I will go into much detail, breaking down why rapid weight loss is bad as a whole. 

Then we dive a tad bit deeper looking into my recommendation of weight loss per week, which is about 1-2 lbs depending on your starting weight and body composition. After we look at what you could expect from a faster rate of weight loss, which will include: drastic water loss which could lead to lower blood pressure and faintness, higher rates of lean tissue loss, as well as lack of long term diet adherence

Tell tale signs of a prolonged drastic weight loss phase:

Sometimes a person may ignore the initial signs of a too fast weight loss phase and really stick to it, over a prolonged period of time this can possibly lead to some symptoms which might include:

  • Nutritional deficiencies 

  • Irritability

  • Lack of energy

  • Drop in sex hormones (loss of menstrual cycle, lowered sex drive)

Finally coming around to some great tips based on a study we look into which compared three groups of protein levels when in a fat loss phase, RDA, 2x RDA, and 3x RDA, at the end of this 31 day study they found that the groups that are above the RDA (2x and 3x) had a significantly better body composition, ultimately losing less lean tissue (muscle) then the group who ate RDA.

Ultimately we hope you use these tools and research to help you set  up a sustainable fat loss phase for yourself where you are able to achieve your desired goals!

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