Bubble Butt and Thick Thighs (Ultimate Guide)

Ultimate Guide On Achieving The Perfect Bubble Butt and Thick Thighs

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Have you ever heard rappers talking about “bubble butt”, but you don’t know exactly what they mean by that? A bubble butt is a booty that is rounder than your average! It is the polar opposite of a flat butt…. It’s more like the shape of a globe. Generally, a bubble butt is associated with a slim body and thick thighs! Everyone has a different genetic make up. With that being said , building a bigger booty may naturally be harder for some than others . Regardless , to create that round , bubble butt shape , you NEED to work hard ! Regardless of your genetics , you are in complete control of what you consume (proper diet) and how hard you work in the gym !!! Don’t use your genetics as an excuse for slacking on your booty gains !



Squat! Bubble Butt & Thick Thighs

Stand feet shoulder width apart.  Keep your arms up, straight in front, parallel to the floor.  Slowly descend with a 2-count, like sitting back into a chair.  Descend until your thighs are parallel to the floor, or slightly lower if comfortable and able to maintain good form.  Keep your knees over your toes, trying to not let your thighs collapse in.  Then stand up to starting position.


Lunge! Bubble Butt and Thick Thighs

Start standing, feet together.  Step one leg back, just a normal step, then drop the knee towards the floor, about ankle height.  Keep your hands on your hips and chest up, then return to standing position.  Repeat for the other leg, working alternate lunges.


Romanian Deadlift! Bubble Butt & Thick Thighs

Stand tall feet together, arms straight out in front, parallel to the floor.  Hinge forward from the hips on one leg, keeping your torso and the single moving together until they are both parallel to the floor, arms almost touching the floor, about ankle height.  The down leg might have a slight bend in the knee which is ok, then return to upright position.  Repeat on other leg as well.

Glute Bridge

Glute Bridge! Bubble Butt & Thick Thighs

Lie down flat on your back, knees bent, feet flat on the floor, about hip width.  Keep your hands at your side on the floor, and then lift your hips off the mat, using your glutes to lift your body.  Pause up top for a second then descend back down, repeating for a desired amount of reps or for time.  This exercise can be done with just holding the bridge for time as well, like a plank.

Donkey Kick

Donkey Kick! Bubble Butt & Thick Thighs

Start prone position, on hands and knees, body square.  Extend one leg, until parallel with the floor, then bend the knee, foot facing the ceiling almost making an "L" shape with your leg.  Now proceed to kick your foot to the ceiling, straight up, using your glutes to extend your leg.  Do not let your leg come back to far down, only to about parallel, working for the desired kick reps on that leg.  Proceed to repeat the same action on the other leg as well.


Glute activation to grow a bubble butt is crucial. Mind to muscle connection means you literally have to focus on which muscles you are supposed to be activating in order to engage them properly. You may have tried certain exercises like a squat for example, but didn’t actually feel your glutes engage and you aren’t sure what this means. Exercises with resistance bands, where you are focusing specifically on glute muscle activation can help with this problem. If you incorporate these movements into your program, then when you are doing other weighted exercises like lunges, you will be able to work towards that bubble butt effectively! It’s all about the SQUEEZE!


Four factors need to be equally weighted in order for you to see results.

  1. It could be that your exercise program in just not ideal for building the booty. The exercises may not specifically target all parts of the glutes, or your rep range or weights may need be changed if you’ve reached a plateau. Certain lower body movements may be developing your legs, but not doing enough for the bubble butt! For example, if you are ONLY doing squats and hoping for booty gains, you will most likely be developing your quads more than you booty, especially if you haven’t mastered the art of engaging the glutes properly. 

  2. Diet is key for any muscle growth. If you aren’t getting enough calories, and the right types of calories, unfortunately, you may end up with a pancake booty! There are more details on nutrition for growth below.

  3. You may be going through the motions and following exercises but not putting your best foot forward. Building strong legs and big booty is NOT easy work. Every work out should be challenging and your booty should be on FIRE! If it isn’t, you won’t get the gains that you are looking for. It takes time and commitment and there is no short cut to an all natural, round butt!

  4. A bubble butt needs thick thighs and a tight frame to match! There could be a muscle group that is weaker for you – say core or hamstrings, that is prohibiting you from activating and building the booty properly. We shouldn’t neglect our weaknesses or any other muscle group, even if our focus is on the butt!



Taking a look at the break down of the gluteal muscles will help us get a better understanding of them. When breaking down the glutes we come to see that there are three muscles. Gluteus Maximus being the most largest and closest to the skin, Gluteus Medius being the next largest, and Gluteus Minimus being the most tiny and deep muscle.

Gluteus Maximus Function

Being the largest gluteal muscle, the Gluteus Maximus functions as the most powerful hip extensor, and supporting muscle (eccentrically) in hip flexion, and also plays a role in lateral rotation of the hip (bringing your feet away from your body). Movements that can be associated with Gluteus Maximus include; sprinting, jumping, squatting, deadlifting, hip-thrusts.

Gluteus Medius Function

Just like the Gluteus Maximus, Medius plays a role in lateral rotation of the hip, but is more better known for its activation in abduction movements (taking your thigh away from your body), as well as its stabilizing properties in single leg movements. Movements that can be associated with the Gluteus Medius include: Clamshells, Monster Walks, Single leg hip thrusts, Split Squats, Pelvic drops and also plays a role in many other movements.

Gluteus Minimus Function

The three functions of Minimus include hip extension, hip abduction as well as internal rotation of the hip. The greatest synergist and Minimus’s greatest buddy is the Medius, due to its activity in similar movements.

A bubble butt is the perfect combination and development of all 3 of these muscle heads! This is the only way to get the booty to have that “pop” effect from all angles!


Your booty wont grow if you aren’t getting enough fuel for your body! Muscle growth requires proper timing of meals, portion control, hydration and quality, well balanced meals. Protein is vital in building muscle. You should be getting at least one gram of protein per pound of body weight. Try tracking a days worth of eating in My Fitness Pal to see how much protein you are getting! A low carb diet for an extended period of time is also not ideal if you’re looking for a bubble butt. HOWEVER, the type of carbs you are consuming do matter because you don’t want to loose a flat tummy while growing a bigger booty! Carbs that fall lower on the glycemic index are ideal- sweet potato, oatmeal, brown rice, and brown rice pasta are all great examples. A full day would consist of 3 full meals and snack meals in between. Fats are also important. The average person can consume 40-50g of fats per day. If you are training your booty more and more intensely, you will be able to increase this intake, BUT make sure they are healthy fats! Look to nuts, and avocado for example, for sources of healthier fats. Timing your meals to fuel your workouts can help tremendously! Try to have your higher carb and fat foods earlier in the day and before your workouts to give you the kick you need to build that booty! Cheat meals are allowed. Every week you should dedicate a meal to satisfy your cravings. This doesn’t mean to have a cheat DAY where you binge all day and eat an unhealthy amount of calories. Lets say you are going to dinner on a Saturday night and know that you want pizza- that is FINE.. BUT, make sure to eat clean during the day, and the next day get back on track with your goals. We all get cravings. If we don’t satisfy them it could lead to a disastrous binge that’ll set us back or even totally deter us from our goal. Make sure to satisfy yourself with a cheat meal, then get back to the program! You will see as you continue to do this,  your cravings will decrease because you will see the results and it just won’t be worth having constant cheat meals- your body WILL FEEL TOO GOOD when you are eating healthy and have a regular exercise routine in place.


Like anything that is sustainable, building a bubble butt takes TIME and patience. It won’t happen over night. You have to give yourself at least 3 months to start seeing changes, then the booty will only get “rounder” from there on out! The glute is a BIG muscle overall and it needs time to develop. Don’t get down on yourself if you’re not seeing changes as quickly as you hoped for. Good things take time. If your booty were to grow super quickly, for example if you are bulking with an unhealthy diet, you may be growing a belly at the same time! Maintaining a tight body overall, and a flatt tummy, while building the round butt will take time. Focusing on your plan with maximal effort and following your routine will always lead to results. There is no way that consistent, properly planned workouts and meals won’t lead to results! Have faith in your booty gains and KEEP WORKING! You won’t get a bigger booty by sitting on it! 



The last thing you want to do is have a butt that doesn’t the legs that come with it. It just doesn’t look right and you’ve probably seen this at some point. If you have a bubble butt, you need some thick thighs and some defined hamstrings to make it pop even more! Exercises like the Romanian deadlift will work the hamstrings and help lift the butt up too! Remember- everything in the body is connected, and working on building from the ground up will only help your booty gains! As mentioned earlier, certain exercises like squats, may dominate one muscle group more than another, that is why we have created a program to make sure you aren’t neglecting any key exercises and ending up with quads way bigger than your hamstrings!


Too much cardio can lead to losing fat AND even losing muscle. A little bit of fat on a bubble butt is OK!! It doesn’t have to be absolutely rock solid to look like a bubble butt! Cardio is still important, especially for your heart health, but it doesn’t need to be done in excess. If you are doing cardio, you can always aim towards a routine that targets the booty- for example stair climber, or the treadmill on an incline! Make your cardio workouts short and effective (HIIT), to break a sweat and get that booty burning even more! You don’t need to run for an hour or two to have beneficial cardiovascular results. If you are trying to build muscle this will actually be counter productive for you, and might make your butt flatter! Warm ups on the treadmill can be replaced with dynamic stretching for the lower body before intense training.


Sometimes, you may look in the mirror and feel like you aren’t getting the results you want. It can be hard to recognize changes in your body when you are checking for them like this everyday. You also have to see yourself at all angles. Take progress photos and measurements every 2 weeks (from all views- front, back and side) and crop them in next to each other. If you are following your full regimen, you will see changes, even if they are subtle. Seeing change is extremely motivating and will give you even more reason to keep going. It is important to reward yourself along the way, with anything you do in life. Set mile stones, and each time you achieve one, do something to celebrate- it could be a cheat meal, a manicure, or anything to make you feel good and KEEP doing what you’re doing! Sometimes we don’t give ourselves enough credit. A small achievement is still an achievement. 



All booty exercises will require you to engage your core and be mindful of your posture so that you don’t place a strain on your back. The stronger your core, the less likely you are to experience a lower back injury, or even back pain. In squats and deadlifts for example, if you don’t focus on the engagement of the mid section on every single rep, it can cause a strain, or you wont be able to isolate the lower body muscles because you will be too concentrated on the discomfort in your back instead. Everything starts from the core. The stronger your core, the stronger you will be OVERALL! This comes back to making sure you don’t neglect any muscle groups even if your main goal is a bubble butt! Everything is connected!

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