Learn How the Preacher Curl Can Get You Bigger Biceps

Learn About The Preacher Curl

Learn How the Preacher Curl Can Get You Bigger Biceps

Why Should You Know About The Preacher Curl

If you’re any gym goer who has their eyes set on gaining big, toned biceps with increased strength to boot, then chances are, you’ve probably heard of the preacher curl. That, or it’s been suggested to you, or you’re already doing it.

But for those who are still in the dark when it comes to arm muscle growing workout routines, the preacher curl is basically one of the most famous biceps-builder exercise, capable of giving you guns worthy of well, Navarone.

Of course, we’re not saying that it should replace the standard bicep curl, neither are we recommending that you should ditch that workout routine altogether and just keep on doing the preacher curl. Not at all. Rather, it’s one that works alongside the aforementioned arm workout, meant to provide a whole lot of variation not just in form but in also the number of reps, what with it working out the biceps in a much different way.

But before we get into it, what exactly are its benefits? And what makes it so great that it warrants a whole 1,000 word article all for itself?

benefits of the preacher curl

First off, probably the biggest benefit that preacher curls can give you is simply the ability to control your reps. It may not sound like much, but when you’ve been working out for a while now and you feel like your body is just about to give up, it makes all the difference in the world. Furthermore, this exercise also helps keep your arm in place, which means that your core biceps are targeted more, putting all of the focus and force upon it.

Essentially, standard curls, whether they are done comfortably seated or standing, allow for a whole lot of swinging on your part, which means that it lets you “cheat” easily. In fact, this even happens unconsciously.

Preacher curls also give you the high benefit of much stronger isolation, despite not letting you curl heavier weights than the standard curl. This means that more muscles are targeted. Quality is better than quantity after all, and this is true even in lifting weights.

Lastly, the preacher curl requires that you are seated to do it, which makes for a more comfortable position. Not to mention that placing the weight in front of you also makes for a more natural and comfortable movement.

For all of its benefits however, the preacher curl has one downside, and that’s simply the fact that you need equipment for it, like the actual machine, a pad, or a ledge. Basically, there’s no way to do it if you don’t have the equipment. Thankfully, most gyms have the equipment as a standard, so looking for one won’t be a chore at all.

Muscles Worked While Doing The Preacher Curl

As an exercise, the preacher curl specifically targets the brachialis muscle, which is a muscle that can be found in the lower part of your biceps. Primarily aiding in the flexion of your elbow, this muscle is target regardless of you doing the preacher via standing or sitting, or whether you’re using a dumbbell or barbell. Of course, we all know our muscle groups are a pulley system, often aiding one another. This can be observed here as well, as the exercise pushes you brachialis muscle to seek help from the synergist muscles, which include the brachioradialis and biceps brachii. There’s also the stabilizer muscles, which contract, as well as your wrist flexors. Altogether, these muscles push and pull to help you do the workout properly.

How to do the preacher curl

Step 1

Safety first – For all the benefits they give, curls are notorious for giving wrist, hand, and finger pain. Of course, this will depend on your form and the weight you’re lifting. Still, you can limit the possibility of injury and pain by simply wearing a wrist wrap and/or arm band.

Step 2

Sit comfortably at a preacher bench. Next, grab an E-Z curl bar by the inner handle, with your palms facing forward.

Step 3

While keeping your upper arms resting against the pad of the bench, hold the bar at shoulder length. This is your starting position.

Step 4

Lower your arms slowly until it’s fully extended and biceps are stretched fully. Do this slowly while also breathing in.

Step 5

Slowly exhale while “curling” your arms up until it’s at shoulder length. Hold the position for a few seconds while squeezing your biceps.

Step 6

Keep on repeating until you finish the desired/recommended amount of reps.

For a bit of variation, you can also perform this exercise by using an E-Z bar attachment with a low pulley instead of the usual standard E-Z bars. Just position the pulley in front of the preacher bar to do it. You may also use bars with wider o shorter grips for some more variation.

Modification to the preacher curl

Alternatively, you can also modify the standard preacher curl by doing the exercise standing up instead of being seated. To do this, simply position yourself with one foot placed forward, while also making sure that your armpits are on top of the pad. Also, make sure that your upper arm remains on top of the padding the entire time.

For some more variation, you can also substitute the preacher curl by doing barbell curls while lying against an incline, cable preacher curls, or a one arm dumbbell preacher curl.

Additional Tips to the Preacher Curl

While doing the exercise, always keep your elbows stationary and in line with your whole body. Furthermore, make sure that the movements you make are all under control throughout your set. Lastly, you may start by having your arms placed on the pad already, asking someone to place the barbells on you hand for you. You may also ask someone to spot you if the bench doesn’t have a barbell/dumbbell rack.

Overall, the preacher curl is one of the most effective workouts you can do start properly growing up your biceps, allowing you better focus on your form and function due to the workout involving strict movement.

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