• Personal Trainer (ISSA)
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1
  • Fitness Kickboxing Specialist
  • Poliquin PICP Level 1 & 2
  • Practical Nursing Diploma, St Lawrence College
  • First Aid, CPR & AED

Kate Stewart


Growing up in Halifax, Kate Stewart was very active and loved to try every sport she could, but focused mainly on Hockey and Tennis. At age 15, she started lifting weights, inspired by the women in Oxygen magazine. It wasn't until she joined the Canadian Forces and took her Navy Diving course in 2009 that she realized she needed to step her game up and get in serious shape. since then, she has been on a mission to learn all she can about how to reach her fitness goals, and has developed a deep passion for sharing this knowledge with others.

Always seeking new challenges, she competed with the CBBF in the bikini category at the Provincial and National level. While that was a valuable experience, she prefers a more balanced lifestyle. No more ups and downs, yo-yo diets, or on and off season. Just maintaining a consistent weight throughout the year. Imagine going on a last minute trip down south, and not worrying that you don't have enough time to get ''bikini ready''... she wants to help you be able to enjoy a glass of wine or a cupcake without feeling guilty and then eating even more because you already ''ruined your diet'' for the day.

The best workout program is the one that you actually enjoy, so whether you are looking for a periodized training program or a Bootcamp workout to whip you into shape, Kate will tailor your workouts to meet your goals. Drill Sergeant style optional, military professionalism and attention to detail guaranteed.